Masculine Conversations

Masculine Conversations

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankfulness Day 33: Good times with the family

We are sitting around the table, all working on various projects, and I am thankful today just to be together! Ems is painting beside me, and Ibs was sewing, but took a break to make some Pots de Creme for tonight's dessert. Mums is scheduling, while Papa works on a counseling case, and Austin studies. Curtis is researching Christmas presents, which is what I will be doing in a few minutes - we are trying to take advantage of the Black Friday deals while they're available!

The exam went really well this morning. It was definitely an answer to prayer, as I felt like I knew the answers to most of the questions. Now I just have to wait for the official grade.

I think I am beginning to see some light at the end of the pre-med-sciences tunnel, as I only have 3 courses left, out of the 9 I started with. Then 8 or so CLEP exams, the MCAT, and medical school applications.

And to top off a good day, snow is dumping down at about an inch per hour, and it is supposed to keep up all night. Tomorrow morning should be interesting!

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