Masculine Conversations

Masculine Conversations

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thankfulness Day 31: Random finds

Darkness has fallen over the Vermont hills, now green again after a day of rain. Curtis is at the piano, Ems is making chicken korma for dinner, Ibs is sitting on the couch reading a book on sewing, Mums and Papa are finishing up counseling cases for the day, and Austin and I are working on our premed studies here at the kitchen table. Augs is in the midst of microbiology, and I am in the final hours of organic chemistry II, as I prepare to take the final in a day or two. 

So... since I need to get back to fatty acid metabolism, and since Ems just gave the five-minutes-to-dinner warning, today's post must be limited to a few totally random pictures! The one above is of a really nice little outbuilding Mums and I spotted one day - don't those flowers just make you happy inside?

I was quite excited to find this wasp earlier in the fall, since I had not seen one like it before

A naughty old bumbler grabbing a take-out lunch...

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