Masculine Conversations

Masculine Conversations

Monday, October 13, 2014

34 Days of Thankfulness

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! 

The leaves have all changed color and are fast falling here in Vermont. We're entering stick season, as it's called here, and with American Thanksgiving just around the corner, Ems and I have put our heads together, and we're planning 34 days of blogging thankfulness from now until the 27th!

Over the few weeks, Emily and I will each be posting every weekday about something for which we are thankful. We will be covering everything from the small things of daily life, like a good cup of strong coffee in the morning, to the big events that have marked the last few years, like the time Ems... well, I'll have to save that one!

You can read all about what Ems is thankful for over on her blog, The Artisan Life, and of course, I'll be back here tomorrow with the first post in the series.

- Isaac

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