Masculine Conversations

Masculine Conversations

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Texas recap

We left Texas on Saturday, packing our trailer to spend a couple of weeks in the Midwest and then head north to Vermont. It was an absolutely fabulous time there in the Hill Country, and we feel extremely blessed, encouraged, and refreshed as we prepare for another season of Quebec ministry.

Here are just a few pictures from July in Texas.

We stayed near the Pedernales River, so it was a great place for a Sunday afternoon walk

We just had to watch out for snakes and some slippery muck in the shallows!

Back at the campground, we were entertained by some friendly longhorn cattle, chickens that would eat out of our hands, several very scared kittens, and an almost too-friendly squirrel constantly stopping by for a pecan. 
This is Cowboy. We've known him since he was really young, and it is predicted that by the time he is full grown, he may have some of the longest horns in Texas.


Squinny, waiting on our front step for a pecan

Early in our visit, a young couple lent us their zippy red car to help get us to all our scattered appointments. This thing is fun to drive!

Thanks so much, Christopher and Amanda!

We kids have always been absolute best friends, so whenever Mums and Papa are out for appointments, we turn it into a party at home. With all their meetings this month, we had quite a number of them! On one of these occasions, we stopped by the Papa Murphy's take-n-bake place and grabbed one of their chicken-garlic pizzas for dinner.
Almost heaven...

Dinner with friends

We had a lot of great discussions while in Texas, mostly centering around the very interesting subjects of courtship, guy-girl interactions, standards for physical affection before marriage, etc.

- Isaac

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