Masculine Conversations

Masculine Conversations

Thursday, May 8, 2014

First insect of the season!

 At long last, after a winter of frigid blizzards and thick blankets of snow, it appears that the insects have decided it is warm enough to come out from hiding and take a look around. As of the past couple of years, Curtis and I have become amateur entomologists, so this heralds a new season of collecting, identifying, and preserving for us - something we have been looking forward to all winter.

Today was a beautifully warm and sunny day, and I am excited to announce that I collected my first insect of the season! Actually, Emily found it, where it was fossicking about in a parking lot. She and Papa were just returning from an out-trip, so she scooped him up and brought the little scrabbler all the way back home so I could put him in a bag and freeze him for preservation (freezing is known to be one of the most pain free ways to kill insects).

Ems was quite surprised to learn that this nice little beetle is actually an American carrion beetle, that lives on old road-kills and rotting fruit!

On the subject of insects, I also spotted my first tiger beetle of the season yesterday, but was unable to catch it at the time. It was a six-spotted green tiger beetle, a species with which I have quite an exciting history, given their extreme speed both running and flying, and my many attempts to catch one.

A six spotted tiger beetle, likely plotting a smooth move

With spring moving in fast, I am hoping I may be able to finally nab one of these wily characters!

- Isaac

My thanks to and for the above photos

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  1. Yes, Ike, the little scrabbler nearly got away from me several times on the way home... I think I'd better take your example and keep a bug bag handy!