Masculine Conversations

Masculine Conversations

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ski Season!

Ski season is here, and in addition to spending every minute possible on the slopes, I'm back to blogging! 

We had an awesome bluebird day out at Bolton Valley recently, and took advantage of the late afternoon sunset to get in some beautiful runs. On a day like this, riding the lift is incredibly peaceful. The chair sways gently and you glide effortlessly up the mountain past the snow-covered treetops and on to your next exhilarating run...

 Riding the lift, skis ready to rip the slopes!

Austin waxing his skis before opening day. The kitchen was rather overrun by the waxing station on this particular day, as there was a mad rush to get ready, and many people found themselves slipping wildly on the freshly waxed tile...

 My skis, waiting for a coat of wax to dry before I could scrape off the extra and polish them down to a smooth, fast surface.

Our house, decorated for Christmas! 

Disclaimer: As a good MK (missionary kid), I must include a reassuring disclaimer... that is, Bolton Valley Ski Resort offers us season passes for only $160, and since we live 20 minutes away and can get skis and boots for $2 per pair at the thrift store - when everyone wants the latest gear, old equipment is almost given away :) - it's hard to refuse so much fun for such a price!

- Isaac

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