Masculine Conversations

Masculine Conversations

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Boys Will Be Boys

 "Boys will be boys.”

While there is a smallish nugget of good thought behind this phrase, this statement is concerning when applied as a one-size-fits-all excuse for behavior that is rebellious, sinful, boorish, or just plain lazy. It can be as simple as commenting on a guy keeping a messy room. But too often, it is more serious: 

“My son plays video games all day. But what can you expect? Boys will be boys!”

I applaud all the moms and dads out there who are doing their best to raise sons with both good etiquette and an appropriate sense of tough manliness. They’ve given us a priceless gift. 

The phrase “boys will be boys” should be a challenge to all guys to be mentally and physically tough, steady, chivalrous, willing to stand for the truth, hard working and striving for high standards. 

A strong man:
  • Makes spiritual disciplines a priority. Do you have a regular time set aside to read the Scriptures and pray?
  • Has a clear sense of God’s purpose for his life, or is actively working to discern that purpose. Do you know the unique task that God has for you?
  • Makes family relationships a high priority. How are your relationships with your parents? Have you spent time recently bonding with a sibling?
  • Is appropriately assertive, yet respectful of his authorities. Are you doing anything right now of which your parents do not approve? Are you seeking Godly counsel in your life?
  • Actively works to maintain a clean heart and morally pure mind. Are you accountable to someone in this area? Have you taken steps to guard your eyes?
  • Is diligent. Do you make wise use of the time God has given you?
  • Works to maintain a healthy body. Are you keeping the body God loaned you in good condition?
As guys, let's resolve to set our own standards high, and to help each other to keep those standards.


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  1. Isaac, outstanding content. I just read this. Every young man needs to get a-hold of these principles, and, centered in trust in Jesus Christ, live them. You have exhorted us to something strong and beautiful and manly. Thank you, son.