Masculine Conversations

Masculine Conversations

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Highlights of the week

June is turning out to be a great month so far! We're only a week in, and the last seven days have been filled with tons of good things. With Saturday here again, it is time to kick back and relax a little after the busy schedule of the week, and reflect on the blessings God has given me recently. So, here are just a few of the things that I am grateful for:

Taking a family bike ride along some old trails through the woods near our house

Warm and sunny days and little baby birds hatching in a nest on our front porch

Planting nasturtiums with Mums and waiting for them to sprout sometime next week

A kids' hike up the nearby Stowe Pinnacle, with a snack of mocha chocolate pudding at the top, made by Ibs

Papa returning from a short ministry trip

Finding three new insects - a dogwood calligrapha beetle, a divergent metallic wood borer beetle, a yet unidentified green beetle, and a bee-fly (this naughty old guy was pretty scared of me, but after a few tries I was able to get close enough to pet his back while he sat on a dandelion leaf)

Walking and praying in an early morning light rain

Studying a new set of private pilot training manuals we recently picked up at a  thrift store for an amazing deal (I absolutely love all things flying, so studying these does not qualify as work!)

Going out with Mums for a couple hours of heart-to-heart talking and some great ice cream from the Ben and Jerry's factory scoop shop (lucky us... we live only a few miles from this place!)

Reading "The Home Ranch" by Ralph Moody together as a family each night

Mouth watering food made by two wonderful sisters, and the first watermelon of the season

Mowing the yard with Austin (we both love mowing)

Saturday morning tennis matches with family

A challenging run to a nearby reservoir and back, including 800 feet elevation gain (the picture below was taken while I was talking with my sister, who was on the second floor)

Of course, lest you get the idea that my life is made up entirely of fun and games, I should note that the above activities were all fit around the two activities that take up most of my normal life: working long distance as an attorney for a firm in New Mexico, and cramming chemistry into my head as fast as I can on my accelerated pre-med study plan (this week, by God's grace, I managed to pack in about 4.5 weeks worth of material, and I am on track to finish the course within another week and a half).

- Isaac

P.S. My thanks to Austin for these pictures!

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